Part of Kim’s passion for interior and exterior design that brings joy and harmony to residents and guests, is her knowledge that spaces can heal and promote positive emotions. For Kim, design is a spiritual and physical part of creating a living space and is an art that’s always evolving—and therefore can be shared and taught!
This space is dedicated to readers who wish to learn more about Kim’s theories on the art of design, her unique processes, and to keep up with what and where Kim will be designing next.

5 Tips for Picking Pillows

Adding some accent pillows to a room can seem like a simple task but sometimes it can be downright intimidating. But the struggle is worth it as it’s an element you can add to a room that will breathe new life into that space. That’s why I felt that it would be a good...

Reinventing Tampa Style and Personal Purpose

In the coming blog posts I hope to give design-curious, and Kimmy-curious, visitors of a literary snapshot of what’s happening in both work and life. Those two elements are intertwined for me and I fully believe there’s a higher spiritual plane...