Interior spaces are often the most sacred areas of people’s lives.

Not only are these spaces sacred to them as individuals, but as nurturers, hosts, and as family units. These spaces can inspire, calm and nourish our hearts and minds. From a young age, Kim developed a deep respect for the peaceful cohesion that interior design could create through symmetry and analytical staging.

A framed photo is not only a piece of art, it’s a pivotal piece of the story that a space is telling—and this story should echo the personalities and desires of its dwellers to create their perfect energy. As a child, Kim was told by her father that the mark of good design is when “someone feels as though they could take a nap right on your sofa.” That’s the goal that Kim brings to every project, whether it’s designing a vacation home, boutique hotel, luxurious cabin, or space of serenity, Kim aims to create that comfortable feeling in which guests and residents can always feel a sense of home and immediately feel at ease to take a figurative (or literal) nap on the sofa.