No matter where you are from, have moved to or visited there is a spirit that lives in those places. You may feel it the moment you first step on the fertile ground or after you have lived there for a decade. Every place and space have a soul that needs to be revealed so you have lived in the visual representation of it every day. Just imagine if you could even visit a place that has visually captured the soul of the city and people, not only would it elevate your travel experience, but you would leave with a piece of it that would stay with you as a vivid memory forever. When I approached my latest project, a St. Petersburg bungalow, the soul of nostalgic Florida was the force pulling me in. Every color, texture, pattern and piece of furniture was chosen with a deep intuitive connection to the spirit of Florida. No matter who stepped into this space… it is immediately felt.

The colors take the lead…

Since Floridian style is so authentic, it’s not easy to encapsulate–I knew that pulling together the perfect tones and fabrics with this interior design were essential. Limitless swatches needled down to 200 and the colors claim their designated space in the home. If you’re wondering if I walked around in a creative and meditative state, pouring over each swatch in every room then you are correct. As a designer, I’m able to pull the spirit of a place and pour the translation into the design so it reflects in the space completely. While it’s time-consuming, it’s imperative to my process (and I love every minute of it). 

Every tone, color, texture and pattern in this space is a visual journey. Through each color, you’ll find native tones of Florida’s expansive greenery such as Poinciana trees, and the nostalgic hues of high contrast that settle in when there’s a heavy sunset painting the sky.

Art and arrangement…

The visual journey flows from dining area, to living area, to the study area–which features a timeless personal writing desk where guests can hone their literary skills, study, or draft a postcard to a loved one. All the art gracing the walls creating the ornate pop and pull to bring the atmosphere and the room together. What most travelers don’t know, is that St. Petersburg has become a mecca for art lovers and creators, one of the reason my own spirit has a soul tie personally there.

With artwork from “The Highway Men” –a historic group that focused on the landscape of Florida–deep shades of reds, tangelos, and Poincianas bring the theme together in the home. Additionally, local artists’ works who follow these dreamy themes—while adding their personal touch—are visually stunning and creatively encouraging. These rhythms of the local culture further add the spirit and heart this space needs.

Wrapping up this personal project was elating. I found myself stepping out of the door already imagining the guests who’d arrive. Whether alone, with lovers, friends, or family, I knew they’d find themselves truly experiencing the true spirit of Florida and planning their next return.