My name is Kim Levell, but as a child I was “Kimmy”.  “Kimmy” represents the intuitive state of creation developed in my vision for every project.  I have been drawn to green gardens and settings of calm tenor since childhood. After five years of successful interior and exterior design, I felt an intense calling to use my abilities to enhance others’ communicative connection to the outdoors.  Customized to each individual, the separated regions of “inside” and “outside” become spaces of rest and invitation between one another. My ultimate goal is to create an ideal design for each space to feel motivating and inspiring to all.  
As a lifestyle designer, I specialize in interior and exterior motifs that reveal and elevate each client’s personal style.  With over twenty years of professional experience, my passion lies in topographical artistry, which began at the young age of five.  My beginnings in both the industrially rich city of Pittsburg and greenscapes of Florida helped me to realize I had a knack for bringing the indoors and outdoors into perfect, contrasting harmony.  


I committed to my passion and gained a reputation as a “go-to” expert, successfully launching and leading a business dedicated to high end design with an exterior focus and ultimately received national recognition for my portfolio and process.  My unique design process involves intuition, meditation and curiosity customized toward each client, concept and space.