In the coming blog posts I hope to give design-curious, and Kimmy-curious, visitors of a literary snapshot of what’s happening in both work and life. Those two elements are intertwined for me and I fully believe there’s a higher spiritual plane connecting both.

You see, personally, I never thought I would get to this point. However, there was always a deep sense in me that what you envision will manifest. And to be honest, the dreams I visualized truly manifested right before me as the years rolled on. I married a fantastic man who is a fantastic husband and father to our two children, Katy and Owen. And that marriage has been enriched with incredible stories and journeys, including the journey of how our two children came to be!

Through every journey, I often found it difficult to be patient. Don’t we all? However, patience is often the first stepping stone towards reinvention. And reinvention is often the best part of any journey.

That’s where I find myself today as an entrepreneur, working mom, and intuitive interior/exterior designer. I’ve had some dreams and goals on the back burner while I’ve waited for the front burner to get to the right temperature. So, it’s fitting that my next big project involves some reinvention of its own (and is well-noted for being at a high temperature as well)!

Let’s talk Tampa Style…

I’m incredibly excited to embark on a personal design project that involves a 1925 Bungalow in St. Petersburg, Florida. When most think of the Tampa Bay area and Florida state in general, it’s tempting to picture linen curtained patios and palm trees highlighted by neighboring flood lights. There is so much more to Floridian vacation home style and that’s what I’m hoping to show in this project.

Every vacation home can reflect a lifestyle that’s perfectly adaptable to its surroundings and immerses you in the local experience, while being a sanctuary to the personal style of the individual or family that inhabits it. Through reinventing this 1925 Bungalow, I may just reinvent how the average vacationer thinks about what Florida offers as a whole when it comes to lifestyle design. And I’ll be documenting my own reinvention as well.

As I’ve pulled my dreams and goals to the front burners, I’ll be sharing my day to day life through this project and others. As any working mom and entrepreneur knows, day to day life isn’t just about projects. It’s about health, balance, inspiration and growth. I’ll be sharing all that I know, am coming to know and hope to learn with every project. However, this project in particular will bring a personal level of growth as I let divine appointment be my guide in intuitively assessing what style brings out the most in this bungalow. I hope your design soul and inner soul is perfectly nurtured as I document my own nurturing through design. Stay tuned—let’s reinvent ourselves before our very eyes!