Classic Forever

Crafting “Classic Forever”: Building “home” for a Jet Setting Power Couple

This space is pitiful and small—I don’t think you can do much with it.

That sentence–directed at the backyard during an initial consult–summed up my new client’s feelings about her outdoor aesthetic. This incredibly cool and creative lady considered her backyard such an eyesore that she actually spent most days with the blinds closed so she wouldn’t have to look at it. The awkward wooden fence, weed pit, and lack of colorful scenery cause the space to feel cold and closed—the opposite of what I felt when meeting this client.

Within a few moments of meeting both her and her husband, I knew they were the type of couple who lived to embrace every bit of their life and values. Those values included traveling, creating, and hosting intimate gatherings for conversation with friends and loved ones. I knew they deserved a homey feeling and welcoming outdoor space that they never had to “close the blinds” to or escape from. What I didn’t know at the time, was that this would turn into an incredibly fulfilling design project and a continuing friendship. Here’s a breakdown of the design process and implementations:

The problem: The client felt the backyard was too small and uninviting.

I say “felt” because the truth (that’s often hard for clients to embrace before they see the final product!) was that the space simply needed to be designed with “utilization” in mind. I knew that if every square foot had a purpose, and intention, then it could come together beautifully.

The fix: Styled Structure

No stone was left unturned when it was time to revamp this area. Here’s a breakdown:

* Welcome Gates. The dreary fencing was replaced with a new perimeter (brick wall). Accentuating gates were added to bring an inviting tone to the area.

* Covered Kitchen. By carving out a just-right-sized, and covered, kitchen area where drinks and appetizers could be crafted, the client is better able to serve guests and nurture continuing chats.

* Brown Jordan Interiors! By utilizing a patio furniture style that echoed what I refer to as a “classic forever” look and served as welcoming silhouettes for both summer and fall get-togethers. Brown Jordan’s line fit this setting perfectly.

* Table Talk. With new structuring, I was able to create an ideal spot for a large table at the center of the lounging space. Sometimes adding something large makes you realize how big a small space actually is!

The problem: The space was creatively stifling.

Perhaps our instant friendliness stemmed from this: we love to create! I came to discover that this jet-setting lady had a “Martha Stewart” element—she loved creating floral arrangements. And, wow, was she talented! I knew the outdoor space needed to be her “creative sanctuary” where she could feel refreshed.

The fix: Floral Inspiration!

Being surrounded by what we enjoy creating, and by our own creations, can motivate and rejuvenate us. With that in mind, I knew that this floral enthusiast needed an environment that supported her beautiful hobby. So, I added two special elements:

* Movable designer planters. No planter is moveable, in fact everything has it’s place, but these planters are changed seasonal to keep up their strong presence. I did leave no space unturned though and gave her a beautiful working planter space behind the garage that doubles as on site drainage. Whether from the earth, or from the flower shop, these planters are well-suited to showcase beautiful foliage. With a lighter weight, they can easily be positioned in the best spot to catch the sun as the seasons change. With beautiful color tones and crafting, they create a mobile garden that can always nurture new growth.

* Visually stunning window box. You can’t get more classic than an adorable window box. It also stays versatile for all types of décor and scenery. No matter the time of year, a window boxes can hold something that instantly elevates the party mood. A window boxes might be the ultimate “classic forever” design element!

By focusing on position and structure initially, I was ultimately able to bring personality and scenery to this cozy backyard space. And, while every job brings joy and happiness to my designing spirit, I can’t help but feel this project brought so much more. custom fossil tables whimsy also to be playful and height appropriate for their children.
The friendship that existed with this client in the challenges and the successes truly left an impression on me and my team. I look forward to more design projects with this couple who exude “classic forever” every day.