Exterior Design with Flowers

How to extend the life and beauty of your Autumn Mums

The markets are flooded with these mum beauties, how can you be sure I’m they will last you through the season… here are some tips on keeping your mums bright and colorful through fall, so your exterior decorating stays fresh and beautiful:

How to Keep Mums Blooming

  1. It starts at the market, select mums that already have a healthy foliage.
  2. Select mums that have a lot of unopened flowers.
  3. Select an assortment of mums with different varieties that will bloom timing will last longer since they will not fully bloom simultaneously
  4. Unless the plants are in a super hot sunny location, water well once a day
  5. Make sure you are watering the soil and not trying to water through the dense beautiful flowers
  6. Snip away any withering away blossoms