Now that Fall is here, you may feel you didn’t get the chance for gatherings this summer like you normally would have due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Don’t fear, just cause we are waving goodbye summer, doesn’t mean your opportunity for outdoor gatherings are over! Better yet if you have a fire pit, but even outside warmers can do that trick easily!

Here are 3 tips to make your outdoor gathering a further success:

1. Protect food and guests from the elements

Heat pads to keep food warm and blankets to keep your guests warm.

2. Plan for designated gathering areas

One of the most challenging things that happens in gatherings is your guests congregating in areas that need a traffic flow or where food is being prepped. Host nightmare, right? One of the easiest solutions to this is to create seating areas to draw the crowd away. The good thing is people will tend to go where they can sit comfortably. Additionally, you can draw them to areas with food and drinks, but keep these areas separate so you don’t create another traffic jam!

3. Embrace Fall with Decor

Get festive with the beautiful autumn color and themed-decor. Hay bales that work well as exterior decor and seating. Hanging strings of lights for warmth and adding to the festive atmosphere.