It’s All About Blending

This year more than ever people are “nesting”.  More time spent in the home has turned attention to our surroundings, and creating a more healing environment has become a priority.  While people’s tastes vary, this year we are seeing a shift to natural materials and transitional styles that simplify and declutter our lives.  Think “Scandinavian meets sophisticated treehouse”.

Color and Texture Trends

We are seeing a contribution of weathered teal as well, in keeping with a more natural look in addition to painted wood.  Mix it all up just like metal finishes!  Pops of color to accent a room are increasingly popular with rich emeralds and vibrant golds stealing the show.  Tropical and botanical prints are fabulous for pillows and fabrics.  Mix with pale blues and greys or even a solid rich velvet!  Muted green is also getting a lot of attention this season.  Almost a spinoff of the old avocado green, but with a more medium tone.

Wallpaper is the new go-to for spicing up an accent wall.  Peel-and-stick varieties make it easy to create a one-wall focal point.  Whether it’s a black and white theme or a botanical feature wall, adding one “wild wall” can change the dynamics of any room.  Two of my favorite resources for bespoke wallpaper are Ananbo Papiers Peints Panoramiques out of Paris and Cara Saven in Cape Town South Africa.

Let’s Talk Kitchens and Baths

Decluttering has become a metaphor for living.  Simplicity and clean lines with natural color palettes are all the rage this year.  Plain English Cupboard Makers is a perfect example, bringing their Shaker style look from Britain to the US.  Almost a throw-back to the ‘60’s, trends are more squared up with white or lighter counter tops.  Marble, concrete and butcher block counters are popular as they weather with you through the years.  Gold is making a comeback, replacing the chrome/stainless look of kitchen hardware and fixtures, and a pull away from ultra-modern is allowing more mixed metal looks.

Butler’s Pantries are increasingly popular, creating a secondary kitchen area.  This is an ideal haven for a second dishwasher, toaster oven, microwave and storage.  Perhaps a nod to the de-clutter trend, keeping the main kitchen simpler and more streamlined.

Bathroom designs are leaning toward more of a greenhouse ambiance, bringing the feel of plants and woods inside.  Free standing tubs are often the focal point, and open showers with glass doors that look like windows contribute to a more natural look.  Keep counters simple, and don’t be afraid to mix up metals when choosing fixtures.  This creates a very modern/classic vibe.

Bright Ideas for Lighting

Modern lighting is giving way to more of a vintage look and feel.  Design styles are moving away from metals and woods and people are favoring instead natural ceramics and glass.  If you look at your lighting fixtures more like a piece of art than a necessity, your imagination is the only limit.  Making a key investment in something like a pair of show-stopping floor lamps can change the tone of a room for years to come.

Better Living Through Technology

Integrating automation into your home can contribute to our self-care and overall well-being.  Besides managing temperature, sound systems and security, you can create a more healing environment for yourself and others.  “Turning off” at night doesn’t just mean the lights.  You can set Wi-Fi to turn off at a certain time each day which encourages not only your space but your brain to become more restful.  Automatic blackout curtains and air purifiers can also lend to a more balanced sleep cycle.


Antiques are coming back in interior design and there are some great values to be had in mid-century modern pieces right now.  I’m not talking about Grandma’s overstuffed couch with the rolled arms, but more like that old armoire with the cleaner lines and classic wood finish.  Blending this look in a dining room, for example, with contemporary lights and perhaps an old chest creates the transitional look that is trending right now.

Kimmy’s Top Three Tips:

  1. Evaluate scale. A large piece of art in a small room can work, but make sure you scale your furnishings accordingly.
  2. Blend things together. Mix different looks and use one key piece to tie them together.  An ultra-modern credenza and an antique table for example, can be tied together by unique mirror.
  3. Keep it simple. When in doubt keep it clean and add one pop of color.  This can be pillows, a piece of art or a statement wall.

I design to create a restful and peaceful space for each individual client.  My eyes are like a camera that filters their needs and frames up a room like a photograph. In that snapshot  I focus on the aspects and balance of a room.

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